Since 2009- For 9 ++ Years‚Äč- Nikkie Has Been a Victim of Extreme Unlawful Surveillance Abuse, Privacy Intrusion, Stalking, Reputation Smearing and Harassment.

Since 2009- for 9 Years- Nikkie Has Been Illegally:  Micro-Surveilled, Micro-Monitored, Reputation Smeared, Repeatedly Lied On, Cyber Stalked, Harassed and Abused By A (Sociopathic) Serial Stalker & His Pay-To-Abuse- Harassment Hired Widespread Posse - Comprised of Law Enforcement  Personnel, Agency Personnel and Civilian Participants. In addition, This Pay-To-Abuse- Harassment Hired Posse, Is Comprised of Both Men and Women Participants- Extremely Violating Nikkie As Well As Violating A Growing List of Other Private Citizens.

In addition, Due To This 9 Year Abuse- Nikkie Has Become A Passionate Advocate- Working and Advocating To End Women & Girls Abuse As Well As An Advocate- Working To End Surveillance Abuse of Private Citizens.

 Her Lives Matter

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